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What is this place?

lolichan is a community accepting of all sexual orientations, including those deemed taboo or unacceptable by society. Primarily, this website was created by and for lolicons, shotacons, and all kinds of pedo/hebe/ephebo-philes to share a space where we can express ourselves without fear of alienation.

Don't forget to read the rules and the faq before posting.

Complaints, questions, and janny applications should go to [email protected] or sewercide#7497. Vichan and php experts wanted (unpaid lol)

there's a captcha now — by sewercide at 10/02/22 (Sun) 08:45:21

CP spambots had to ruin it for all of you. sorry!
i am too stupid to figure out how to get non-javascript non-google captcha to work, so our Tor friends are SOL unless one of you wants to help me out.

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